Develop reform that supports legal immigrants, not handouts for illegal immigrants

My husband is a legal immigrant, proudly holding a Green Card with hopes to become a citizen of this great country.  I supported his petition and experienced the immigration process with him. I wholeheartedly support legal forms of immigration and the numerous small business owners and hard-working legal immigrants in the 74th Assembly District.  What I do not support, however, are state policies that favor illegal immigrants over California’s citizens (e.g., most recently, taking $450 million of taxpayer dollars to fund health care for illegal immigrants).   

Illegal immigration is causing a crisis on our border. We need to stop the human trafficking, the drug smuggling, and the enormous cost to our state and nation that illegal immigration is causing. I strongly support real immigration reform which rewards those who do the right thing, wait their turn, and legally enter our country. As your Assemblywoman I will:

Demand the federal government secure our borders with walls, drones, and additional border patrol staff.

Vote to end the ‘Sanctuary City’ polices, which make it harder for us to detain and deport illegal immigrant criminals.

Vote to stop California, which can’t even cover healthcare for our own citizens, from expanding free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

Make public safety a priority again

Crime and homelessness are surging in California. As a prosecutor, I put the general safety of the public and victims’ rights first. Over the past decade the liberals in the legislature have undermined law enforcement again and again, making our communities less safe. As your Assemblywoman I will:

Roll back the parts of Propositions 47 & 57 which let dangerous felons out of jail early, and make violent felonies misdemeanors.

Enact ‘tough love’ policies with the homeless: make sure everyone has a safe place to sleep but require drug addicts and/or the mentally ill to get treatment.

Over-rule Governor Newsom and bring back the use of the death penalty.

Prevent new or higher taxes

Decades of over-taxation and over-regulation has made the cost of living in California too high.  I know first-hand the struggles that working Californian’s face, and have watched as businesses and hard-working California families (including my own brother) are forced to move out of the state to afford to live. In a state with a multi-billion-dollar budget surplus, it is unfathomable that the far-left still want to raise billions in new taxes. If we are going to reverse the trends pushing families and businesses away from California, we need to reduce taxes and fees to put more money in the pockets of consumers. As your Assemblywoman I will:

Oppose any new or higher taxes. I signed the “No New Taxes” pledge to show my commitment to this promise.

Vote to eliminate the new Gas Tax, which is making it much more expensive for the many Californians who are forced to commute.

Offer more cost-effective solutions and fiscally conservative alternatives to curb spending abuse


Advocate for environmental policies that work, not just increase the cost of doing business

As an environmental prosecutor with a biology degree, I am uniquely qualified to advocate for environmental policies that work in our great state. For too long, the extreme far-left have dominated environmental policy decisions, and like so many other of the extremist policies we are facing today, it has gone too far. Strict environmental regulations, in some cases, solely increase the cost of doing business and living, and offer no real environmental benefit in return.  We can do better. I believe in strong recycling programs, in conserving our valuable resources, including rainwater, and sensible forest and fire management policies. I have sought justice to protect our air, water and land, and as your Assemblywoman I will continue to do the same:      

Rather than banning one plastic straw (or product) at a time, I will support long term recycling programs and alternatives that will actually keep our waters and beaches clean.

I will support conservancy of our natural preserves and open space.  I still believe that “planting more trees” is good medicine to improve our air quality and environment.   

More democracy, smaller government and local control

As a child of two enlisted Navy Veterans and surrounded by a family of military veterans my entire life, I was raised with the American spirit to fight for our freedoms and with a heart to serve. With a Democratic supermajority in California, we have lost the legislative balance that is necessary to protect against an over-powerful over-taxing government that places our fundamental freedoms at risk. Southern California should not be forced to swallow the dictates of San Francisco’s far left policies anymore. As your Assemblywoman I will fight for our local leaders to have the power to do what is best for the citizens of the 74th District, not what Gavin Newsom thinks is “best” for San Francisco.   

I will oppose radical socialist style policies and push to maintain local control over our fundamental property and housing rights.

I will protect parental rights to oppose one-size fits all mandatory vaccination programs and controversial sex education programs.

I will fight to reduce the size of government and increase the freedoms of consumers to spend more of their hard-earned money.